our mission

To design elegant, conscious and sustainable home products

our values

Environmentally friendly, timeless design that is practical and sustainable.



From production to materials we aim to align our products with our values. For example, we could have chosen a simple PVC vinyl for our Doorskins, however we managed to source a new locally produced wallpaper, a paper and PVC free wall paper material printed with water based inks. The polyester is recyclable, should it end up in the bin.


Not only are our Doorskins recyclable but also reusable, to really ensure our products are not single use, we ensure that they can be easily removed and applied at your next home (unlike regular wall paper or vinyl). 




Should you not wish to reuse or pass yours on, we will recover the product at our own cost. All products we recoup will be donated to an orphanage in Gugulethu Cape Town. A win win for the environment, customer and the kids who now get a fresh new look in their living spaces!

our 1%

Have you ever heard of B Corps? A group of companies globally that are socially and environmentally motivated to drive impact, by delivering to all stakeholders not just shareholders. Now we aren’t as big as Patagonia or Natura, yet, but we have always wanted to build a business that our children would be proud of. Thus we will be donating 1% of our annual turnover to the Sinani NPO which drives change in Gugulethu Cape Town, through feeding schemes and impact investment into micro and SME’s in the township.