Frequently asked questions

How do I install my Doorskin?

Your skin should have arrived with a set of instructions, if they are lost please download here

When do I receive my Doorskin?

Within 7-10 working days of payment. You will receive a tracking number from the courier.

Are Doorskins eco friendly?

Yes! They are reusable, recyclable and the material is certified by the EU Green Building Council.

Do Doorskins come with a warranty?

Yes. Your doorskin has a lifetime warranty on colour.

If I move home, can I reuse it?

Yes you can, you simply remove the backing adhesive with warm water and a cloth, then reapply at your next home

Do you offer customised Doorskins?

Yes you can please email us at wedopartnership@gmail.com as we price commissions to a brief.

I messed up the installation! What now?

No problem, simply remove the adhesive mixture with soapy water, allow to dry and reapply!

I don't want to install myself, can someone come do it for me?

Yes we have a network of regional applicators who will come apply for you. This will be an additional cost depending on the technician. View list of technicians.

How do I clean my door skin?

We use a non scratch, non fade, non toxic substrate. For best care and longevity: -Wipe down monthly with a soft, warm damp cloth -Avoid soap, if you need to, use a little natural all purpose/surface cleaner. -Avoid using a cloth that's very wet or using a dish sponge. -Do not scrub aggressively

Do you have any social impact in your company?

Yes we do, we contribute 1% of our annual turnover to environmental causes, as well as donate preloved door skins to schools/homes in Gugulethu, Cape Town, to provide some beautiful relief to safe spaces.